Aircraft Specialists, Inc.

Welcome to Aircraft Specialists, Inc., your preferred partner when it comes to your personal aircraft or your business aircraft fleet. Based in Lawrenceville, GA in the United States, we have comprehensive services helping you from pre-buy, maintaining, operating, and selling your aircraft.


Aircraft Sales & Management

With over 20 years of aircraft sales experience, our team at Aircraft Specialists, Inc. can put you in the aircraft of your choice. We offer pre-buy services, acquisition, consignment and/or brokering of aircraft.

Aircraft Specialists Inc - Aircraft Maintenance

AOG & Maintenance

At Aircraft Specialists, Inc., we offer 24/7 AOG Maintenance & Avionics and can go anywhere with our mobile services. We provide scheduled inspections, installations, repairs and more to Gulfstream, Astra/Westwind, Bombardier/Learjet, Citation, Hawker/Beechcraft, Dassault and Embraer aircraft.

At Aircraft Specialists, Inc., we treat every client individually and like to help you make the right decision. Whether it’s which plane to buy, an efficient maintenance program, the right upgrades to make your flying experience what you expect it to be, we can help you.

To discuss your needs or to request a quote, click on the button above or call us at +1 (770) 513-3161.