At Aircraft Specialists, Inc., we offer 24/7 Maintenance & Avionics and can go anywhere in the Southeast United States with our mobile services.  We provide inspections, installations, repairs and more to Bombardier, Cessna, Hawker/Beechcraft, Dassault and Astra/Gulfstream aircrafts.



With much support through dealer relationships and partnerships, Aircraft Specialists, Inc. offers airframe and engine maintenance to such jet aircraft as: Astra/Gulfstream, Dassault, Hawker/Beechcraft, Bombardier, and Cessna. Our highly awarded maintenance team offers 24/7 tech support, same-day emergency AOG services and 24-hour mobile services.



Our trained and experienced avionics installation team can install system upgrades and modifications to avionics systems with state-of-the-art design and technology.



Aircraft Specialists, Inc. works with a wide range of avionics manufacturers, backed by over 30+ years of technician experience to ensure quality and integrity.